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So here’s the deal…

I am, and always will be a Swan Queen shipper. But, ever since Neverland arc, I’ve had this idea for a fic: it is SQ at the very beginning, but later it turns into a story about Regina leaving Storybrooke and finding her happy ending somewhere else and with someone else - an original character (who I kept picturing as Jessica Chastain for some reason). So, this won’t be a SQ story - it’s Regina/OC with past SQ.

However, i am putting it under SQ tag because a) it has some SQ in it, b) I have no idea if there’s a tag for Regina/OC and c) I’m kinda hoping you guys will give it a chance none the less :)

It’s still not finished - it’s a moderately long one-shot, and there are still couple of things that I need to add. However, I expect I will post it sometime during next week. In the mean time, here’s a little promo I made for it. I hope you’ll like it :)

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